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This page contains an overview of official and unofficial Javalin plugins. If you find an issue with a plugin and the plugin owner refuses to address it, please report it on GitHub (link in plugin card).

OpenAPI Annotation Processor (by @dzikoysk)

Third party

This OpenAPI plugin replaces the old DSL + annotation setup that was available before Javalin 5. Features:

SSL Helpers (by @zugazagoitia)

Third party

SSL configuration made easy. This plugin provides a simple way to configure SSL for Javalin, just the same way you would configure Javalin itself. Support for PEM, PKCS12, and JKS formats, as well as HTTP/2.

JavalinVue (by @tipsy@TareqK)


JavalinVue let's you create simple Vue frontends without having a frontend build pipeline. It uses Vue single-file components with Javalin's server side routing, and automatically includes only the Vue code required per route. It's ideal for rapid prototyping and creation of websites/web-portals.

Javalin Rendering (by @tipsy)

Third party

The javalin-rendering artifact is an optional module for the Javalin web framework that provides a simple way to render HTML using popular template engines. The javalin-rendering artifact includes default implementations for several template engines, including JTE, Mustache, Velocity, Pebble, Handlebars, and Thymeleaf.

CORS (by @Playacem)


The CORS plugin bundles the functionality to set CORS headers for some or all origins as required.

GraphQL (by @7agustibm)

Third party

This plugin allows implementing the GraphQL specification with a few easy steps.

JavalinMithril (by @TareqK)

Third party

This is a Mithril.js plugin. It allows you to use Mithril.js and Server Side Routing and State Injection to create multi-page applications with Javalin. It is heavily inspired by the JavalinVue plugin.

RouteOverview (by @tipsy)


The route overview provides you with a HTML and/or JSON overview of all the routes registered on your Javalin application. Perfect for debugging!

DevLogging (by @tipsy)


The development debugging logger catches most of the interesting stuff about requests and responses, and logs it in an easy to read manner. It works both for HTTP and WebSocket requests. Only intended for use during development and/or debugging.

Micrometer Plugin (by @jkschneider)

Third party

The Micrometer plugin provides a simple way to add metrics to your Javalin application. It uses the Micrometer library to collect metrics.

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