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A lightweight REST API library

Javalin is a true micro Java REST API library and has very few dependencies: the embedded web-server (jetty), a logging facade (slf4j-api), and brotli compression. It also has plugins for JSON mapping, template rendering, and OpenAPI (Swagger), but they’re optional dependencies that you have to add manually.

Download Javalin


Not familiar with Maven? Click here for more detailed instructions.

compile 'io.javalin:javalin:3.4.1'

Not familiar with Gradle? Click here for more detailed instructions.

libraryDependencies += "io.javalin" % "javalin" % "3.4.1"
@Grab(group='io.javalin', module='javalin', version='3.4.1') 
[io.javalin/javalin "3.4.1"]
<dependency org="io.javalin" name="javalin" rev="3.4.1" />

Manual downloads

You can get the prebuilt jar from maven central.
You can get the source on GitHub, or download it as a zip.

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