Micrometer is back (baby)!

The Micrometer team has managed to get Micrometer ready for Jetty 11, which allows us to bring back the plugin. This is distributed in the javalin-micrometer artifact.

The plugin can be enabled like this:

  • Java
  • Kotlin
Javalin.create(config -> {
        MicrometerPlugin.create(metrics -> {
            metrics.registry = meterRegistry;
            metrics.tags = Tags.empty();
            metrics.tagExceptionName = true;
            metrics.tagRedirectPaths = tagRedirectPaths;
            metrics.tagNotFoundMappedPaths = tagNotFoundMappedPaths;
Javalin.create { config ->
        MicrometerPlugin.create { metrics ->
            metrics.registry = meterRegistry
            metrics.tags = Tags.empty()
            metrics.tagExceptionName = true
            metrics.tagRedirectPaths = tagRedirectPaths
            metrics.tagNotFoundMappedPaths = tagNotFoundMappedPaths

SseClient features and fixes

We’ve added a terminated() function to the SseClient. This function will return true if the connection has been terminated, either by the user calling SseClient#close(), or by the remote client disconnecting.

We’ve also fixed a bug where SseClient#close was called every time SseClient#send was called on a closed connection.

Other changes since 5.1.0

  • Fix welcome files for static files when pre-compression is enabled
  • Support order in submitTask API (request lifecycle)
  • Support “prefer405over404” option in CorsPlugin
  • Use instead of localhost in testtools
  • Use latest version of logback
  • Include brotli in javalin-bundle
  • Expose fields and methods from ConcurrencyUtil
  • Support plugins initialization in Javalin#updateConfig
  • Move “Created but not started” to JavalinLogger#startup
  • Fix issue with double compression when pre-compression enabled