Important: This news article covers an old version of Javalin (v5.1.0). The current version is v6.1.3.
See the documentation page for up-to-date information.

Cleaning up some async problems

The Context#async signature released in 5.0.0 used the Kotlin Result type, which does not work from Java. We caught this a bit late, and had to rework the method. Our apologies!

Static files after server start

We’ve made it possible to add more static file location after the server has been started.

Fixing HttpStatus.forStatus

The HttpStatus.forStatus(int) method was not directly available from Java (you had to do HttpStatus.companion.forStatus(int)). This has been fixed.

SLF4J v2

Jetty moved to SLF4J v2 in v11, which caused dependency conflicts in some cases. We’ve also moved Javalin SLF4J to v2 now.