Important: This news article covers an old version of Javalin (v3.11.0). The current version is v6.1.3.
See the documentation page for up-to-date information.

Don’t ignore trailing slashes

You can now instruct Javalin to not ignore trailing slashes by doing config.ignoreTrailingSlashes = false. This functionality used to exist in Javalin 2, but it was removed when refactoring the routing for Javalin 3. Thanks to NPi2Loup for bringing it back.

Static files bugfix

There used to be a bug in pre-compressed static files (disabled by default), which could lead to a concurrency bug. Thanks to vn7n24fzkq for fixing it.

JavalinVue improvements

  • You can now set an isDevFunction function (previously this was just determined by checking if the request was on localhost)
  • Added three new methods for inlining files in the layout template @inlineFile, @inlineFileDev and @inlineFileNotDev
  • Added JavalinVue.optimizeDependencies config option. If set to true, JavalinVue will only load the dependencies required for your route component

MultipartUtil configuration

You can now change the function that runs before files are uploaded through MultipartUtil.preUploadFunction. This means you can specify your own MultipartConfigElement.